We have a large range of standard packaging and we are also able to develop the shape of the packaging you would like to have.

We are a French Group created in the middle of twentieth century in France. We started with the production of wooden parts. Then, in order to adapt our proposal to the market, we worked for cardboard and plastic packaging.

We will never change our vision – we are working for client and we will always go with your idea.

Our company is fully integrated. Indeed we are producing plastic packaging with our equipment developed by our designing center. Also, our facilities of printing help us to serve our customer with all designing possibilities for all the material we are managing to manufacture wooden, carton and plastic packaging.

We centralize the communication between customers and us to only one contact.

Our target is to be closed to our clients and this is why we are continuously developing our presence in international countries. We have printing factories and finished product facilities all over the world. We opened recently our first factory in Asia in Vietnam.

We have a consequent experience on the packaging designing and it’s helping us to provide you the corresponding option for your packaging depending on the market you are working.

Our company will help customers to find the appropriate standard packaging for their applications. We are working directly with customer development and marketing teams in order to develop your packaging with the latest innovations. Target is to help you to be more visible compare to clients competitors.