Plastic packaging with latest innovation to make the difference

our plastic
We are managing the complete chain of the plastic containers we are manufacturing from the development of the packaging to the delivery to our clients factories. Also, as fully integrated we are printing internally our labels (In mold labelling), we are producing our own moulds in order to provide the best quality at a competitive cost to our clients. It’s helping us continuously to be flexible and bring to our clients the best services level as a speed distribution time.

In our R&D center, we are working to develop all latest option for your packaging with the latest technical solution we have to reduce more and more the weight of our injected packaging.


We are using injection process to optimize our packaging design possibilities with different option of food protection as sealable or evidence closing solutions. Our R&D are also reducing the weight of packaging and the staking to reduce the delivery costs. With our important experience we can supply you the latest innovation with integrated spoon or fork on one lid. Also our process is done to manufacture bi injected parts in order to get bi color parts.

We are using plastic material in compliance with high food safety rules in order to protect all food products as milk products, ice cream, sea food, prepared meal,… We are using specific plastic grade to provide resistant packaging for microwave or frozen product and also adapted to your production process as hot-filling and sterilization and pasteurization.

Our containers are customizable through the use of different dyes and the addition of IML printed by us.